Agony Electric.prg 2009-08-18 13383
Compopic-Antic.prg 2009-08-18 18159
Compo Pic from the TCC pardy, pic by Creeper/Antic PAL - Does NOT work on NTSC Uploaded by Chief/Padua <tonyc@compnews.co.uk>
Compopic-Creeper.prg 2009-08-18 18159
Compopic-Joe.Antic.prg 2009-08-18 24083
Compo Pic from the TCC pardy in Sweden, pic by Joe/Antic PAL - Does NOT w k on NTSC Uploaded by Chief/Padua <tonyc@compnews.co.uk>
Compopic-Joe.prg 2009-08-18 24083
Condic1.prg 2009-08-18 10793
An interlaced FLI picture in PAL-G format
OllieGFX.prg 2009-08-18 26223
Three ictures drawn by Ollie/Pride. PAL only.
Visual-P.prg 2009-08-18 10939
A Norwegian graphician presents his skills.

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